Compliance Assessments

Your First Line of Defense

Compliance Assessment Services

Conducting workplace EHS regulatory compliance assessments is your company’s first line of defense for incident prevention and the avoidance of costly citations from enforcement agencies.
We offer three types of assessments:
  • Site Compliance and Risk/Loss Control Assessments
  • Corporate EHS Management and System Assessment
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Compliance Assessment
Consultant reviewing workplace inspection with employee
Site Compliance and Risk/Loss Control Assessments
Our EHS professionals will conduct a comprehensive workplace inspection to identify your organization’s existing and potential EHS risks. We’ll provide a formal report with detailed observations to include recommended corrective actions. Inspections will be performed utilizing a web-based construction safety software platform to allow our team to track and trend safety issues and develop long-term mitigation protocols.
Corporate EHS Management and System Assessment
Our experienced and credentialed auditors will conduct a comprehensive EHS management system assessment and provide a gap analysis to determine its strengths and weaknesses to global EHS industry standards. SAVI will collaborate with your company to develop a long-term EHS compliance plan that will follow the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) management model. SAVI will conduct periodic follow-up assessments to fully implement the PDCA process.
ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Compliance Assessment
SAVI EHS will assist your organization in preparation for your registrar’s external audit or develop a program to obtain ISO certification. Our experienced and certified auditors will assess the organization’s corporate EHS management system to determine its compliance with the ISO 14001 and the ISO 45001 standards. A gap analysis will be performed, and a formal report from the assessment will be provided. If a standard nonconformance exists, we will conduct a root cause analysis, and assist with developing immediate corrective actions and long-term preventative actions. We will conduct a follow-up assessment to determine the effectiveness of the corrective actions and preventative actions and adjust as required.
What's Next?
After a Compliance Assessment, SAVI professionals can help your organization implement the recommended changes through our staffing and training programs. We bring a tactful, thoughtful approach to team training, utilizing proven change management processes.