Program Development

Your Best Defense is a Good Offense

EHS Program Development

The SAVI team specializes in EHS program and policy development for all industries. We will partner with your company to review its current programs and policies. We have expertise in developing comprehensive corporate policy and procedure manuals, project-specific EHS plans, and task-specific operating procedures.

EHS Programs and Policies
Are Good For Business

Environmental, Health & Safety programs do not just benefit employees – they are good for business. SAVI EHS Programs help businesses:
  • Minimize losses in productivity, time, and insurance expenses with decreased injury and illness rates
  • Identify workplace hazards with innovative solutions to minimize EHS risks
  • Reduce staff turnover due to safety concerns
  • Engage leadership and employees in supporting a safe culture and how EHS compliance benefits them
  • Save time and research involved in developing and updating safety programs and policies
Consultant defining procedure recommendations
How SAVI EHS Can Help

Program & Policy Development

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every employer is responsible for establishing or updating safety procedures and communicating them in a way that employees can understand. SAVI EHS can help your business develop EHS programs and written policies that match your business and employees’ needs.
Your Custom EHS Program May Include

Identification of EHS Impacts

Creates awareness of impacts and helps your organization include them in its strategy

Incident Investigation

Emphasizes why and how to investigate incidents and how to implement precautions that reduce future risks

Identifying Legal & Other Requirements

Achieves compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations, prepares for inspection readiness, and helps your organization avoid fines and penalties

Emergency Action Plans (EAP)

Achieves compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations, prepares for inspection readiness, and helps your organization avoid fines and penalties

Employee Training

Prompts awareness, encourages implementation, and improves psychological safety

Task-Specific Operational Controls

Assesses potential hazards of specific tasks and identifies how to eliminate, control, or minimize risks

Compliance Assessments

Establishes safety quality requirements, audit schedules, and a process for integrating regulatory changes

Internal and External Communication

Identifies who may be exposed to potential hazards and how to notify employees, contractors, subcontractors, clients, visitors, or the community

Executive Leadership

Helps executives and managers understand and embrace their role in elevating safety at your company

Employee Accountability

Builds a foundation for EHS accountability where everyone holds each other accountable for saving lives

Fit For Duty

Develops standards for physical, mental, and emotional health required to perform tasks safely without threatening employees’, clients’, visitors’, or the community’s health and safety

Substance Abuse

Creates guidelines for prehire, post incident, and random screening to deter negative impacts to the workplace and the environment

Document and Record Control

Simplifies and automates document control to track versions, maintain document integrity, and keep audit trails